Campus Information

Message from the President

Welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College! Dr. Lara

Students come to Estrella Mountain to achieve their dreams and transform their lives. With a wealth of support services available to help students succeed in university transfer, workforce development, and community education programs, Estrella Mountain is a vibrant learning college, alive with growth, opportunity and achievement.

Your service as an adjunct faculty member is key to the success of our students.  Adjunct faculty are responsible for teaching more than 60% of courses offered at Estrella Mountain. As a result, I highly encourage you to learn more about the resources and opportunities available to you as a member of the Estrella Mountain family and the Maricopa Community College District.

Estrella Mountain continues on the journey to remain the West Valley's premier community college for learning-focused instruction and service. Please use this online adjunct orientation tool as a way to become familiar with Estrella Mountain Community College. I encourage you to keep abreast of what is happening at the college by reviewing the e-communiqué Campus Updates that is sent to all employees.  Campus Updates will help keep you informed of major campus initiatives and activities, including All-Employee meetings and my open-door office hours.

Again, welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College and thank you for your continued support of our students!

Ernest A. Lara, Ph.D.


Message from the Dean

Welcome!Dr. Orr

Hello, and welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College where our motto is "your success is our success".  This applies to students as well as to you as adjunct faculty.  We are dedicated to providing support to help you be successful.  In turn, you can assist our students in being successful as they strive to reach their goals. 

Estrella Mountain has an Adjunct Faculty Suite located on the first floor of Montezuma Hall.  Terri Propes, the Administrative Secretary managing the suite, provides a wealth of information and can help your semester be successful, comfortable, and fun.  She has been instrumental in the suite earning four Best Practices Awards from the Maricopa District Adjunct Faculty Association.

During Fall 2009, EMCC launched this online adjunct orientation and faculty have found it very useful.  Page 1, New Adjunct Roadmap, outlines what you need to do before the semester starts through how to report final grades.  On Page 6, Resources, you will learn about the many services offered in the Adjunct Suite.  Page 5, Adjunct Faculty Development, includes opportunities available to you as adjunct faculty. On Page 6, Resources, you will learn about the many services offered in the Adjunct Suite. Page 7, SIS, will walk you through the Student Information System, which is the tool you will use to view rosters as well as to grade or withdraw students. After you complete the orientation, please be sure to send us feedback, so we can continue to make improvements.

As adjuncts, it's important for you to have representation at the district and to be kept informed on district adjunct activities.  Wilfred McFadden is EMCC's adjunct representative to the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) Board. Many of our adjunct faculty are current or past AFA board members. Please introduce yourself to Will if you do not already know him.

Again, welcome!  Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you.  Have a wonderful semester.

Sylvia M. Orr, Ph.D.
Dean of Academic Affairs