Classroom Information

Prior to starting your class, build your syllabus, including your course competencies.  Other faculty in your division may have a syllabus for your course that you can copy and modify.  Email your completed syllabus to your Division Chair and Division Secretary.

Set up your course in Canvas insuring that it is active. Most divisions have premade courses your can copy and modify. Ask your Division Chair or other faculty in your division for this information.

Complete relevant disclosure forms each semester.

Familiarize yourself with Canvas, which is the primary learning management system used at Estrella Mountain.  If your Division uses an additional tool, your Chair will let you know.

SIS is used for several functions, such as printing off your roster, dropping students, and entering final grades (must use Internet Explorer, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. You cannot use Google Chrome to access this link).


Occasionally you will have students who, due to conditions outside their control, cannot complete your course requirements within the given semester. Medical issues are the most common reason for this. You have the option of giving these students an Incomplete on your final grade roster in SIS. At that time, you must state in a transcript note what the student's responsibilities are in order to complete the course. The note also specifies the date by which the student must complete the course requirements. This date must be within seven (7) months of the end of the term in which the incomplete is incurred. You will also have to specify a lapse grade, which is the grade the student gets if he or she does not complete the course requirements within the agreed-upon timeframe.

If the student does successfully complete the course requirements, you must submit a change of grade request to Enrollment Services (DL-EMC-Records), indicating the student's final grade in the course. Please inform students of the terms of their Incomplete, and remind them that they should not re-register for the course in order to complete it.


Learn about various kinds of assessment and its impact on student success. Visit the Student Academic Achievement Committee (SAAC) web page.

Guest Speakers

Instructors may invite guest speakers to classes, but discretion should be used. Guest speakers are not considered substitutes and cannot be paid. Instructors must be present while the guest speaker addresses the class.

Changing Your Class Time or Location

Any change from the regular location or meeting time of a class must be approved by your Division Chair. This includes changing the location of your class meeting on campus, or scheduling a field trip.  A request for the change must be submitted well in advance of the date of the proposed change. Students must also be advised of changes well in advance.

To submit a request for a field trip, please complete the appropriate travel form, which you can find by logging into the Financial Management System (FMS).