District and Campus Resources

Adjunct Faculty Association

The Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA) represents the interests of all adjunct faculty in common policy negotiations at the District level. Each of the ten Maricopa community colleges has a representative who attends monthly meetings. These representatives bring issues and concerns to the AFA board, and convey information back to their constituency. Currently, our college's AFA representative is <name>. Membership in the AFA is free, however tax-deductible contributions are accepted.

Adjunct Office

The Adjunct Office is located in the southeast corner on the ground floor of Montezuma Hall, in MON119. It is where adjunct faculty can use computers, submit copying requests, pick up and drop off mail, obtain classroom supplies, meet with students and confer with colleagues. 

Personal Administration Tool

The Personal Administration Tool (PAT) is how you update your contact information. You can log in to PAT by clicking the PAT button in the icon field of the Employee page of the EMCC website.

Employee Directory

You can locate email and telephone numbers for EMCC employees by clicking on the Directory tab on the top navigation bar of the EMCC home page. Follow the directions on the search page.

Technology Support

Please use your EMCC Gmail account for all official communication. This includes emails to students.  In order to stay informed of campus events, it is vital that you check this email frequently, or forward it to an email account that you do check frequently.


From time to time, you will need to make copies for your classes. Please utilize the campus copy center for this purpose.  You may submit your copy jobs to the copy center online at least a day in advance of needing them. Completed copies picked up in the Adjunct Office. Adjunct faculty are not given personal copy codes. The copy machine in the Adjunct Office is for emergency use only (less than 25 copies).