Professional Development

Professional Growth Funds

As adjunct Faculty, you are eligible for professional growth funds of up to $750 per approval, which can be used to attend seminars, workshops, or meetings directly related to your teaching discipline. These funds may not be used to pay professional membership dues or tuition. Please visit the Adjunct Faculty Professional Growth website by clicking the Professional Growth Funds page for details on eligibility requirements and how to apply. Applications are handled by the EMCC Adjunct Professional Growth representative, Terri Propes, who can also answer any additional questions you may have on the process.

Tuition Waivers

Adjunct faculty are allowed to take tuition waivers of up to six credit hours per semester. These can be used to take courses offered by any of the Maricopa Community Colleges. Courses can be taken during semesters during which you have a teaching contract with MCCD, or they can be deferred, as long as you take the course during the same fiscal year in which you were employed.

In addition, all adjunct faculty must complete EDU250 within the first two years of their hire date. This course is paid for by a tuition waiver, which must be signed by your Division Chair.

Other Resources

The Center of Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides on campus training and support in the areas of pedagogy and technology.

The Employee and Organizational Learning Team (EOLT) is a District organization providing learning opportunities for all Maricopa employees.

The Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction (MCLI) is a District-level resource for adjunct faculty. Throughout the year, they provide learnshops, dialogue days, learning technology, professional growth, learning grants, and many other resources.

Please visit the EM HR website to view the Adjunct Faculty Resources and the“How To Approve Your Assignment/Contract” videos.

Full-time Teaching Opportunities

Adjunct faculty are welcome to apply for permanent teaching positions anywhere in the District as they become available. Please note that adjuncts are considered external candidates for these positions.

Learning Grant Programs

Estrella Mountain welcomes your efforts to advance student learning through special projects. These projects may include ideas still in their early stages, or programs that are ready to launch. Please see the Learning Grant Programs webpage for more information on how to apply.