Student Information System (SIS)

The Student Information System (SIS) is how all faculty access their class rosters, withdraw students, and post final grades. You must use SIS for all other roster-related activities. Prior to logging into SIS, you must complete the FERPA tutorial.

Once you have your SIS login, you can manage your own class rosters. View an SIS tutorial or refer to an SIS quick reference guide by clicking the SIS Information link at the left.

Here are step-by step instructions for logging into SIS doing some basic roster tasks.

Click on the SIS button on the Estrella Mountain Employees page.


Enter your MEID;  then enter the password you use for blackboard, email, the HRMS (if you cannot remember these, you can click on the "forgot my MEID, forgot my password” links). Click on the Sign In button.


Set up User Defaults (You are not required to do this, but you may want to go in each term and change the term to the current term.


  • Go to Set up SACR -> User Defaults
  • Once you are in User Defaults, identify the Academic Institution---EMC10. (see example)
  • Hit the Tab-key and the following two fields will auto-populate.
  • You don't have to fill in the Academic Career or Term, but it is an option.
  • Save your defaults and return to the Faculty Center in Employee Self Service.
  • Your options for grading should appear in the drop down menu.

Click on the folder on the left EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE. Click on FACULTY CENTER. You should then see your classes listed

Click on the icon that looks like a person writing on a blackboard. This is your final grade roster.

Go to the student you want to grade/withdraw, click the arrow under Roster Grade to pull down the menu and select the grade.

If you issue a "W" or "Y" – then two boxes will pop to the left asking for the last date of attendance (a little calendar is provided) and the drop code (again a pull down menu to help with the drop code).  If you issue an "F", one drop-down box will appear asking for last date of attendance.

If you are giving a student an incomplete, please follow the process described on the Classroom Information page of the orientation

Click SAVE at the bottom.

Remember to sign out when you're done. The "Sign Out" link is at the top right of the screen.

Please visit the CTL Video Library for more help on how to use SIS.