Welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College

As you start your journey at EMCC, you will find the support and resources you need to fulfill your role and enjoy the time you spend within the halls of this institution. 

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Your College Leadership Welcomes You! 

Dr. Rivera

Message from the President

Estrella Mountain Community College welcomes you to our great team of employees! You are a part of one of the premier colleges and work environments in the Maricopa County Community College District.  Our goal is to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals by providing the best learning environments possible. You are a vital part to the educational excellence of the college and, more importantly, to student success.



Message from the Vice President Student Affairs

Hello everyone and we

lcome to Estrella Mountain Community College!  You are now employed at what I believe to be the best of the Maricopa Colleges, and are about to embark on an incredible journey focused on student and employee learning.   We are all very happy to have you join us as we continue working to improve student success.  Over this next period of your life you will be presented with a number of opportunities to become involved in activities that support and improve student engagement as well as create direction for your own personal growth.  Please take advantage of some of these opportunities and feel free to share your talents with the college.  We are the best of the Maricopa Colleges because we are a mixture of many individual contributions…now, all we have to do is add yours! 


Dr. Weber

Message from the Vice President Administrative Services

You are now officially part of the pride! Estrella Mountain Community College has a unique culture. I am pleased to welcome you as a new member of our innovative institution!  You will soon learn, that EMCC is a pioneer in the design of creative and dynamic learning spaces. Since its opening in 1992, we have intentionally leveraged physical space, whether formal or informal, to promote student engagement and advance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom.  As you start this new phase of your professional career, I hope you take this opportunity to build new relationships and interact with your peers across disciplines to deepen your connection to the college and to help move the institution’s strategic initiatives forward. I encourage you to take on challenges, step outside your comfort zone, and truly embody the values of an Estrella Mountain Lion! 


New Employee Essentials


Estrella Mountain Community College is honored you chose to be a part of our diverse community team. EMCC is committed to providing the support and resources you need to fulfill your role and enjoy the time you spend within the halls of this institution. Below is some important information:

Walk of the Stars

Walk of the Stars

Walk of the Stars is a great way to build camaraderie with your fellow new employees, get to know the people and various departments while getting familiar with your campus.  Join us for an educational, healthy and fun experience!

New Employee Information

Below are what you will find on our NEO website:

  • Estrella Mountain Community College Core Values
  • The Learning College
  • EMCC Family
  • Locating Resources
  • Employee Engagement
  • Campus Involvement & Training
  • Employee Manuals
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Human Resources
  • Buckeye Educational Center
  • SouthWest Skill Center
  • Campus Perks
  • Campus Cuisine
  • Fitness and Wellness

New Employee Orientation (NEO) 

This is an introduction to the campus community. It provides new employees an open and engaging learning, as well as direct interaction with Senior Leadership.  Topics include the organization’s mission, vision, and culture, learning college, professional development, emergency preparedness, diversity and mentoring.   

*Please plan on wearing comfortable clothing and shoes as we will have various activities throughout the day. We want you to have fun AND be comfortable!*

The next NEO will be:  TBD

Invitations will be sent out by email to register online 








Estrella Mountain Community College Core Values

We value learning and engagement through: 


  • Being accountable to fulfill goals, objective and responsibilities.
  • Being truthful, respectful, sincere, and responsible in your interactions with others. 


  • Considering the contributions and worldview of others.
  • Promoting an inclusive campus culture that supports social awareness
  • Committing to comprehensive inter-cultural learning and awareness 


  • Growing partnerships and building relationships that enhance the learning environment. 
  • Practicing communication methods that engage all learners. 


  • Committing to the continued exploration and development of successful learning practices.
  • Encouraging creativity and professional exploration within our community of learners. 


  • Understanding how our actions impact the local and global community.
  • Reducing negative effects on the environment through proactive and sustainable practices.
  • Applying practices that encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility. 

EMCC Vision, Mission, and Values


We provide exceptional and creative learning experiences that prepare all learners to achieve their dreams and transform their lives. 


Estrella Mountain is an innovative higher learning organization responding to the diverse needs of West Valley communities. Learners have an opportunity to successfully accomplish their education; and personal goals through the following college purposes: 

  • Developmental Education
  • General Education
  • Transfer Education
  • Learner Support Services
  • Workforce Development 
  • Community Education 
  • Civic Responsibility 
  • Global Engagement 


Developmental Education
Building the academic foundation and providing learning support to prepare learners for collegiate success.

General Education
Expanding educational experiences for all learners while fostering core academic abilities.

Transfer Education
Offering transfer courses and programs that enable learners to achieve success at their institution of choice.

Learner Support Services
Supporting learners through exceptional educational services, programs and guidance.

Workforce Development
Responding to the community's dynamic workforce needs by establishing partnerships and creating relevant programs of study, training and services.

Community Education
Providing learning experiences that enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of life-long learners.

Civic Responsibility
Creating opportunities and partnerships that provide a framework for learners to act responsibly in society.

Global Engagement
Engaging learners in the discovery, contribution and creation of local solutions in response to global issues. 

Our Service Strategy reminds us that
Your Success is Our Success


We value learning and engagement through:

  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability

The Learning College

The success of all learners; students, employees and community members, depends on the hard work that each learning facilitator does on a daily basis. As a result, the college has embraced the principles and philosophies of the Learning College model, which "places learning first and provides educational experiences for learners anyway, anyplace, anytime" (O'Banion, 1997)

Find out more about the Learnign College and our progress at: http://www.estrellamountain.edu/learning-college

EMCC Family

Our diverse Estrella Mountain Community College family is constantly growing and becoming more innovative. Please feel free to visit the contact links listed below. 

Helpful Contact Links: 

Org Chart link: https://www.estrellamountain.edu/about/organizational-chart

Phone Directory link: http://www.estrellamountain.edu/directory


Locating Resources

Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services and Student Business Services offers support for the following needs:


Office/Technology services offers support for the following needs:

  • Reserving a meeting room
    • Schedule meeting areas through 25 Live 
  • Phone or computer help
  • Facilities Assistance 
    • Visit the Facilities Management website for any of the following
      • Custodian
      • Groundskeeping
      • Building Issues
      • Sustainability programs


The marketing department can provide EMCC logos, pictures, and other identiity information.  

  • Marketing
    • EMCC logos / News Media/ Social Media/ Promotional Items

Auxiliary Resources 

Human Resources

Please visit the HR Website for more information on all the services we provide. 

EMCC HR Online Assistance:  Help Desk

Employee Engagement

iConnect is a way to document what you already do in support of the Learning College.  Participating in iConnect shows you and others how we build relationships, validate contributions and contribute to student success.  You can connect in three different ways: 


•Student Union Events                                            

            Student Life

How do you live the Learning College principles?  Find out more: http://www.estrellamountain.edu/iconnect

Campus Involvement & Training

Estrella Mountain Community College offers various ways to get involved and  receive the training you need to be successful. 

College Committees 

College Events

Mandatory Training

  • Public Sector Employment
  • Public Sector Employment
  • Public Stewardship

For more information please visit the link  Mandatory Training

Employee Manuals

Employee Manuals 

The employee manuals are great tool when you have questions compensation, hours of work, leaves of absence, benefits, employee safety and wellness, workplace procedures, employee conduct, discipline and appeals.

Helpful Links: 

Employee Resources

Employee Groups:

Employee groups provide additional policies and provisions that only apply to members and are in addition to district-wide policies and benefits. 

To view the policy/group manuals click here

Emergency Prepardeness

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness depends on the cooperation of the entire College community for its effectiveness. Remember that panic is the greatest hazard, so be prepared and stay calm. 

Tips on how to be a prepared employee: 



How to perform an Evacuation: 

After the fire alarm sounds remember to: 

           1.Remain calm.

           2.Do not wait for instructions via intercom system.

           3.Leave the building and/or area - safe and orderly:

                         • Assist persons requiring assistance.

                         • Hold on to handrails while on the stairway.

                         • DO NOT use elevators, matches or lighters.

                         • DO NOT use cellphones.

         4.   Based on conditions, proceed to closest evacuation zone

         5.  Wait for “all-clear” given by Public Safety before re-entering the building.


Work Injury

Work Related Injuries 

Information for work related injuries.


Human Resources

As a department, we will ensure the tradition of excellence in teaching and learning at Estrella Mountain Community College by facilitating recruitment, employment, development, compensation, and retention of a talented and diverse workforce.

Helpful Links: 


Please visit the EMCC HR Website for more information on all the services we provide. 

Contact Information: 

Campus Location:   Arroyo Hall #120

EMCC HR Online Assistance:  Help Desk

Have a Question? Ask us by email or by calling EMCC Human Resources Hotline at 623-935-8817. We will respond within 24 hours!

Team Members: 

  • T.J Ferrer, Human Resources Director 
  • Armida Ortega, HR Analyst- Instructional
  • Lisa Calderon, HR Analyst- Recruitment
  • Nikita Lopez, HR Specialist
  • Amanda Guerra, HR Specialist
  • Elizabeth Silva, HR Support Staff


West-MEC Southwest Campus

EMCC @ West-MEC Southwest Campus

500 N. Verrado Way
Buckeye, AZ 85326
Driving Directions


Travel less. Learn more!

EMCC offer a convenient location in Buckeye

Start earning your degree closer to home. Estrella Mountain is never far away for West Valley students. EMCC @ West-MEC Southwest Campus offers a variety of learning options and student services without the commute. College classes are offered in the day and evening, with both on-campus and hybrid formats available.

Click here to request more information

Services available at this location:                                                                                                                                                                                              West MEC

  • Admissions & Registration
  • Advisement
  • Placement & Proctored Testing
  • Financial Aid
  • Student IDs
  • Self-Service Computer Stations
  • Student Work Stations                                                                                                                                                                                             



Campus Perks

Campus Perks

As an employee you have access to various benefits. 


•10% Bookstore Discount (excludes food and clearance items)          

           Follet Bookstore


• Employee Discounts

As an employee of MCCCD, you also have access to certain discounts available through PerkSpot, a one-stop shop for exclusive online discounts at many of your favorite merchants. These discounts include:

  • Cellular
  • Theme Parks
  • Travel and Vacation
  • Electronics
  • Movie and Theater

PerkSpot is free and can be accessed from any digital device, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

To get started, sign up or log-in at maricopa.perkspot.com. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to create an account with your personal or work email.


Campus Cuisine

Campus Cuisine 

Hungry? Want a gourmet meal or a quick bite? EMCC offers three different dinning options right on campus. 


Location: Mariposa Hall 

Type: Coffee shop & snacks

Lions Den 

Location: Komatke C

Type: Breakfast & Lunch


Location: Komatke C 

Type: Fine Dining 

Fitness and Wellness

Fitness and Wellness

The Fitness and Wellness Program at Estrella Mountain Community College is reshaping the way our students and employees pursue fitness and wellness.

It's a whole new approach to personal well-being and an opportunity for you to engage with your peers and our fitness experts to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

MCCCD Wellness