Emergency Prepardeness

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness depends on the cooperation of the entire College community for its effectiveness. Remember that panic is the greatest hazard, so be prepared and stay calm. 

Tips on how to be a prepared employee: 



How to perform an Evacuation: 

After the fire alarm sounds remember to: 

           1.Remain calm.

           2.Do not wait for instructions via intercom system.

           3.Leave the building and/or area - safe and orderly:

                         • Assist persons requiring assistance.

                         • Hold on to handrails while on the stairway.

                         • DO NOT use elevators, matches or lighters.

                         • DO NOT use cellphones.

         4.   Based on conditions, proceed to closest evacuation zone

         5.  Wait for “all-clear” given by Public Safety before re-entering the building.


Work Injury

Work Related Injuries 

What is a work related injury?

A work related injury or illness is one in which the injury or illness arises out of the course and scope of your employment.

What do I do if  Iam injured at work?

  • Report injury immediately to a supervisor
  • Call Triage Now, for non-life threatening workplace injuries.
  • For life-threatening injuries, call Public Safety at: 480-784-0911
  • The supervisor will fill out a Supervisor's Report of Industrial Injury form and forward it to Risk Management at the EMCC HR office, within 24 hours of injury or illness. The Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA101) form will be completed and sent to District by EMCC HR Risk Management.

In case of a non-life threatening workplace injury, call Triage Now with your supervisor: 844-332-5221


Learn more about Workers Compensation: 



District policy link: