Welcome to Estrella Mountain Community College

As you start your journey at EMCC, you will find the support and resources you need to fulfill your role and enjoy the time you spend within the halls of this institution. 

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Your College Leadership Welcomes You! 

Dr. Rivera

Message from the President

Estrella Mountain Community College welcomes you to our great team of employees! You are a part of one of the premier colleges and work environments in the Maricopa County Community College District.  Our goal is to assist students in achieving their educational and career goals by providing the best learning environments possible. You are a vital part to the educational excellence of the college and, more importantly, to student success.



Message from the Vice President Student Affairs

Hello everyone and we

lcome to Estrella Mountain Community College!  You are now employed at what I believe to be the best of the Maricopa Colleges, and are about to embark on an incredible journey focused on student and employee learning.   We are all very happy to have you join us as we continue working to improve student success.  Over this next period of your life you will be presented with a number of opportunities to become involved in activities that support and improve student engagement as well as create direction for your own personal growth.  Please take advantage of some of these opportunities and feel free to share your talents with the college.  We are the best of the Maricopa Colleges because we are a mixture of many individual contributions…now, all we have to do is add yours! 


Dr. Weber

Message from the Vice President Administrative Services

You are now officially part of the pride! Estrella Mountain Community College has a unique culture. I am pleased to welcome you as a new member of our innovative institution!  You will soon learn, that EMCC is a pioneer in the design of creative and dynamic learning spaces. Since its opening in 1992, we have intentionally leveraged physical space, whether formal or informal, to promote student engagement and advance teaching and learning both in and out of the classroom.  As you start this new phase of your professional career, I hope you take this opportunity to build new relationships and interact with your peers across disciplines to deepen your connection to the college and to help move the institution’s strategic initiatives forward. I encourage you to take on challenges, step outside your comfort zone, and truly embody the values of an Estrella Mountain Lion!