EMCC Vision, Mission, and Values


We provide exceptional and creative learning experiences that prepare all learners to achieve their dreams and transform their lives. 


Estrella Mountain is an innovative higher learning organization responding to the diverse needs of West Valley communities. Learners have an opportunity to successfully accomplish their education; and personal goals through the following college purposes: 

  • Developmental Education
  • General Education
  • Transfer Education
  • Learner Support Services
  • Workforce Development 
  • Community Education 
  • Civic Responsibility 
  • Global Engagement 


Developmental Education
Building the academic foundation and providing learning support to prepare learners for collegiate success.

General Education
Expanding educational experiences for all learners while fostering core academic abilities.

Transfer Education
Offering transfer courses and programs that enable learners to achieve success at their institution of choice.

Learner Support Services
Supporting learners through exceptional educational services, programs and guidance.

Workforce Development
Responding to the community's dynamic workforce needs by establishing partnerships and creating relevant programs of study, training and services.

Community Education
Providing learning experiences that enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of life-long learners.

Civic Responsibility
Creating opportunities and partnerships that provide a framework for learners to act responsibly in society.

Global Engagement
Engaging learners in the discovery, contribution and creation of local solutions in response to global issues. 

Our Service Strategy reminds us that
Your Success is Our Success


We value learning and engagement through:

  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability