Estrella Mountain Community College Core Values

We value learning and engagement through: 


  • Being accountable to fulfill goals, objective and responsibilities.
  • Being truthful, respectful, sincere, and responsible in your interactions with others. 


  • Considering the contributions and worldview of others.
  • Promoting an inclusive campus culture that supports social awareness
  • Committing to comprehensive inter-cultural learning and awareness 


  • Growing partnerships and building relationships that enhance the learning environment. 
  • Practicing communication methods that engage all learners. 


  • Committing to the continued exploration and development of successful learning practices.
  • Encouraging creativity and professional exploration within our community of learners. 


  • Understanding how our actions impact the local and global community.
  • Reducing negative effects on the environment through proactive and sustainable practices.
  • Applying practices that encourage environmental, economic and social responsibility.