Locating Resources

Fiscal/Cashier services

Fiscal Services/ Cashier Services offers support for the following needs:

  • Employee Travel - Visit the business office if you are inquiring about employee travel
  • Funds - Visit fiscal services/ cashiers(Komatke B) for any of the following:
  • Property Control (Komatke B)
    • College Equipment
    • Furniture
    • Computers
    • Surplus Inventory
    • Donations


Office/Technology services offers support for the following needs:

  • Reserving a meeting room
  • Phone or computer help
  • Facilities Assistance 
    • Visit the Facilities Management website for any of the following
      • Custodian
      • Groundskeeping
      • Building Issues
      • Sustainability programs


The marketing department can provide EMCC logos, pictures, and other identiity information.  

  • Marketing
    • EMCC logos / News Media/ Social Media/ Promotional Items

Auxiliary Resources 

Human Resources

Please visit the HR Website for more information on all the services we provide. 

EMCC HR Online Assistance:  Help Desk